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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.


Integrated College Dungannon, Year 13
25th April 2024

Vivian was on her own. 

Ever since that day when she lost her mother. It had always just been her, until the day she finally met her companion. 

One bitterly cold November night, Vivian had been walking in the forest alone, really isolating herself. She felt an inner turmoil weighing on her chest. She felt guilty, because she was the only one left...

Olympic Disaster

Stranmillis Students
24th April 2024

Nelly was on her own in the pool training really early in the morning. Today was the day she was trying a new move called the Upside Down Tornado. Suddenly, she heard a noise and realised there was a crowd of people watching her. She got nervous, became distressed and started drowning. 

Edgar was minding his own business listening to Guns n Roses when he was suddenly soaked...

The Two Medals

Carrickmannon Primary School, P6/7
24th April 2024

“I’m going to Dad’s funeral, and I am bringing his World War I medal so he can be buried with his achievement,” Bob said to his mother Gemma.

Gemma agreed and said,”That would be wonderful.” On the way to the funeral they started sobbing. Suddenly a blue frog in a mini Lamborghini just blasted out. . . 

Greg and the Dancing Dilemma

St Dallan's Primary School, P5
23rd April 2024

While Greg was getting ready that morning, he was practicing making a special chocolate that he had never made before. He brought some of the chocolate with him while he was cycling to his dance class. He was feeling excited and he ate the whole box of chocolates...

The Secret Room

Irish Society Primary School, P5

18th April 2024

There was a boy called Ace. He was 11 or 12 and he was in high school and loved football. Ace was very smart and was always kind to everyone.

Daylight Robbery

Stranmillis University College Education students
17th April 2024

It was a warm, dusty day in the outback and Zongo was bounding fast when disaster struck. He heard a grunt and glanced behind him, to stare down the barrel of a gun held by a strange looking creature...