The Lost Girl

Fane St Primary, P5
30th November 2021
A 100 Years Project workshop

Rosie was lost in the city! She was buying something for her mother at the shop but she went too far and got lost. She was new to the city and that was how she got lost.

She tried to look for her mum but couldn’t find her so she started asking people. She drew a picture of her mum and said, ‘Do you recognise this lady?’ But no-one knew her...

Mad about the Lost Dog

Moville Community College Transition Year
25th November 2021

“Hi, I know this is last minute,” said Oisin, “but I’m going on holiday. Could you look after my dog?” Ryan took a step back in shock and confusion. It’s a cold and windy day in Ballyharry. The clothes on the line were blowing in the wind from the Atlantic. The waves were crashing against the shoreline.

Justin’s Fire Disaster

St Peters Primary School, P6
23 November 2021

Justin was sitting in his room, playing on his game console and his game stopped working. He had to get ready to go to his basketball game.
Justin said, ‘My game’s stopped working, Mum.’
‘We don’t have time, we’re late for the game,’ said his mum.

His mum drove him to his game but he was an hour late. His coach shouted at him and made him sit out the entire game. He felt sad and scared because he was worried he’d get kicked off the team...

A Wee Dog Called Daffy 

Short Strand After School Club 
18th November 2021 

Once upon a time there was a wee dog called Daffy and he lived in a house beside a river. The house was made of logs and Daffy’s bed was a small version of the house and it had his name on it.  Daffy woke up and got out of bed. He had his morning breakfast which was cabbage and shish kebabs.  

Daffy was feeling cranky because he was old and tired and hadn’t woken up properly...

The Power of the Magic Horseshoe

Carrickfergus Model Primary School, P6
18th November 2021

Jeff lived on a farm with a lot of animals and a big barn with a red door. Jeff’s house was beside the barn. He kept all of his special stuff that he didn’t want anyone to see in a secret bit at the back of his house. Jeff also had a daughter called Emily who was going to enter a horse-riding competition. Emily lived with her dad but she had her own tree house a short walk away...

The Teddy Bear Heist

Currie Primary School, P7
17th November 2021

Patricia wanted to steal the teddy bear from the royal family. Patricia was a four year old girl from Birmingham, England. The teddy bear had been hers, but she dropped it on the way home from school. She wanted to steal it back. She knew the Queen had the teddy because she’d seen a photograph of them in the newspaper. 

Speedy’s Big Adventure

Harmony Primary School, P4
12th November 2021

One day there was a boy called Speedy who was running really fast doing his morning jog. Speedy had a blue mohawk and he was ten years old.
Speedy was running too fast and he ran into his best friend Mr Freeze...

Tommy Saves the Day

Currie Primary School, P6
11th November 2021

There once was a chicken named Gobbledegook. One night he was in Chicken Nugget Palace in northern Portugal. He was being chased everywhere by the workers. He was going to get turned into a Chicken Nugget Palace chicken nugget...