The Book of Names

Dominican College Yr 8

17th June 2021

Frances only had one eye: one to spot her murders and a socket to hide her crimes. Her mother always told her to be careful of strangers as they could be dangerous: but this time she was the stranger...

I'll Show Them

16th June 2021

Limavady High School, 9I

It was a normal day in Limavegas City and Michael was leaving his office. It was the day that Michael got fired and left his old self behind for the last time. 

The Golden Bananas

Scoil An Droichid R7 

15th June 2021

Hamish the shapeshifting monkey went to the village to get food as a human and when he got home he couldn’t change back. He started panicking. All the other animals from the place where he’s living came and saw him and thought that he was a poacher. They ran away. Hamish felt lonely and felt like he’s not a very good friend to them...

Rise of the Cloth Babies

St Malachy's Primary School, Coleraine, P.7

2nd June 2021


Super SpongePool was walking down his street when he came across a homeless man and gave him money. He walked down to his house and went into the spongallow. He had a spog (which is a sponge dog) who was yellow and spotty. His spog greeted him and made him fall over he licked him so much...

Percy the Naughty Pig

St Columb's Primary School P4&5 

27th May 2021

Once there was a pig called Percy who had lots of friends but it’s not so easy being on a farm, after all. On the farm, he found a very good friend named Bobby who knew Percy since he was born. Bobby was a llama who could fly very high. Percy lived in a pen next to Bobby on a farm in the mountains...

The Story of Jimmy and Jerry

Knocknagoney Primary School, P.4

21st May 2021

Jimmy was on the moon with his best friend Brody. He was drinking coffee and was on a morning walk. After a while he came to a forest with butterflies and dragonflies. Then he came to a hidden temple. He tiptoed inside and found treasure all across the floor.

“Wow, look at this amazing treasure! I should take this back home,” said Jimmy...

Slither the Snake

Knocknagoney Primary School P4

19th May 2021

Slither came from the moon. He wanted to come to Earth to become famous. He built a rocket out of grey cheese. His banana best friend Jim helped him.

“Can we eat this rocket?” Jim asked Slither...