Tommy Saves the Day

Currie Primary School, P6
11th November 2021

There once was a chicken named Gobbledegook. One night he was in Chicken Nugget Palace in northern Portugal. He was being chased everywhere by the workers. He was going to get turned into a Chicken Nugget Palace chicken nugget. 

“You’ll get kicked out!,” shouted Richard, who worked in the CNP. Tommy the chicken was walking about out on the street. He heard shouting from the CNP and decided to investigate what was going on. 

When he opened the door, Tommy saw a chicken rolling in ramen noodles, trying to hide from the man who was chasing him. Tommy rolled into action to save him. 

“Get the Royal Guard!,” said the Queen of CNP, as she jumped out of a CNP bucket. 

“I can teleport,” Tommy said to Gobbledegook. “Where would you like to go?

“Let’s go to…”