The Seven Husbands of Shanneen

Cullybackey College, KS3 Creative Writing Club
28th May 2024

Jerry was a spy who had gone undercover to spy on Shanneen and see what she was up to. Shanneen was a want-to-be widow and had killed her husband. She killed him with a baseball bat.

Shanneen’s husband, George, was Jerry’s best friend. They both joined the mafia. George captured Shanneen’s best friend and that's why she killed him.

Shanneen went to the casino in Russia. She was winning for a while and then she started losing a lot and lost everything. She went into debt and ran away without paying for it. This was also why Jerry was spying on her.

Jerry said violently to Shanneen, “We have your best friend and we wont give her back until you pay us back everything you owed plus interest.”

Shanneen cautiously pulled a golden laser lipstick out of her pinafore pocket…