Skippity’s Toilet Takeover

Strangford Integrated College, Y9
12th June 2024

Skippity was singing his most famous opera song on the stage in the Ohio Opera House.  As he was singing, a beer bottle was thrown by a drunk member of the audience.  It hit Skippity’s flush lever and it made him furious!  He overreacted as usual and steam came out of his ears.

“That hurt, Skippity should not be treated like this,” he said to himself in his deepest basso voice. “I was in the middle of performing and I got flushed down the S bend!  I’m going to take over the world with no mercy.  They’ll see what a really cruel person I am.”

The curtain came down and the stressed stage crew lifted him off the stage into his dressing room.  His best friend, shiny Bethany, was waiting for him.  Her marble glistened.  “You can’t keep doing this Skippity, you’re going to get banned from performing,” Bethany exclaimed.

Bethany rolled off frustratedly on her marble wheels to find out who had thrown the beer bottle.  She discovered it was Marco, an alcoholic Italian plumber, who hated Skippity…