Write Club

Digital Write Club (post-primary)

How does this work?

  • You can write on your own, or with others. You can share fiction, or poetry, or song lyrics, or other writing. Be fearless!
  • A Write Club moderator will read your work before it goes live.
  • After that only other Write Club members and Fighting Words staff and mentors will be able to read it.
  • Our digital mentors will respond to your work. You're welcome to ask for feedback too.
  • Write Club members, enter here.

How to share and read work
You'll need to be logged in to add or read the full text of work added to the site.

No login?

This sharing site is for Write Club members.
For a user account your parent/guardian will need to contact Fighting Words Belfast here

If you've forgotten your password you can reset it.

Privacy and security – what you need to know

This is not a public site.

It is for young writers involved in Fighting Words projects only, a chance to read each other’s work and get feedback from our digital mentors.

Once the moderator has read and shared an uploaded piece it can only be viewed by fellow users.

Who else is using this site?

  • Moderators - Write Club leaders, someone the writers know and trust
  • Mentors – experienced Fighting Words volunteers who encourage writing and give feedback and share ideas. They have Access NI clearance.
  • Administrator – Fighting Words Belfast Project Coordinator, Marnie Kennedy

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