The World of Toast

Elmgrove Primary School, P6
19th October 2023

This is a story about a piece of bread whose life is about to change. He came from a land called Toasty World.  His name was Mr Toasty. He had three siblings: a brother called Mr Cheesy, a sister called Miss Cracker and another sister called Miss Butter.

One day, a boy called Harry put his hand into the packet of bread where Mr Toasty lived and took him out. He started to shoot his laser eyes at Harry but he dodged the lasers and plonked Mr Toasty in the toaster.  Mr Toasty got shot out of the toaster and then he got shot back into the packet of bread.

“I’ve been toasted! My dream came true,” he told his siblings.

The next day his sister, Miss Cracker, was put in the toaster and she got burnt. They were all very sad and Mr Toasty told his parents that the same had happened to him but he survived. Mr Toasty jumped out of the packet, landed on the window ledge and found a big, bright jam jar.

Mr Toasty said, “What’s your name?”

“I’m Mr Jammy.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Mr Toasty.”

Mr Jammy said, “We should go to the local café.”

Once they got to the cafe they had a short conversation, telling each other about themselves and that was how they became the best of friends. They went home and on the way they stopped at the park.

Mr Jammy went down the slide and his glass cracked. Mr Toasty said, “Oh, no!” in a shocked voice. Mr Toasty went underneath Mr Jammy and got covered in jam. The glass shattered everywhere.

They went back to the house and got a new jar for Mr Jammy. Mr Jammy asked, “What’s your greatest fear?”  Mr Toasty answered, “Being eaten!”

Mr Toasty asked Mr Jammy, “What’s your biggest fear?” He answered, “Being spread on toast. So I’ve conquered my biggest fear.”

Then something very bad happened. Harry came home from school. He wanted something to eat. He went into the kitchen and he saw Mr Toasty on the counter, already spread with jam! …