Sophia and the Powerful, Winged, 50-year-old Snake

Young authors from Stranmillis University College Literacy Intervention Programme
5th December, 2023A young girl with brown hair wearing a pink dress and a yellow and orange winged snake on a green background

One afternoon, Sophia was coming out of her school. It was a hot and sunny day and she was thinking about getting a snake as a pet. When she got home, she waited excitedly for her mum and dad to get home from work.

She asked her mum, “Can I get a snake please? I PROMISE that I will take care of it!”

“No!” said her mum angrily, “I have a fear of snakes!”

That weekend, Sophia went by herself to the forest that was beside her house. She saw a dangerous-looking snake. For no reason at all the snake bit her.

Sophia said, “Owww!” in an angry voice and the snake said, “Sorry, I got a fright because earlier today I was attacked by a bear.”

Weeks later, they met again in the forest. “I remember you, what’s your name?” said the snake. “I’m Sophia, sorry for getting angry at you” said Sophia.

“That’s okay!” said the snake. Sophia then asked the snake, “What is your name and what age are you?” “I’m Jack and I’m fifty!” replied the snake.

“You look like a girl who really loves Disney. Would you like to come to Disneyland with me?” asked the snake. “You can fly there with me next week!” he said showing her his massive, red wings!...