Mazie the Dinosaur

St Moninna's PS, P5
21st November 2023Two dinosaurs making houses appear by stomping their feet

One day when Mazie was young she didn’t have a family and then another dinosaur family adopted her because they saw her abandoned in the forest. 

When the family adopted Mazie they realised that she was allergic to cake, and it was her so-called sister’s birthday.

The day after her sisters birthday she was upset because after she couldn’t have cake her sister didn’t let her do anything else, her best friend Mia was her neighbour and she went over to her and made her feel better...

Mazie says  that she was left outside the door and locked outside, Mia says that “it’s going to be okay and somebody is going to take care of you”. Mazie was worried that no one would find her and take care of her. Mia said her parents would be too busy to take care of her.

So then she tried to make a shelter to take care of herself until she realised she had the ability to make shelters by just stomping her feet so when she was finding a place to put the shelters she found some homeless people, she then built houses for them so they had a place to sleep.

So then a different nice family found her and took good care of her, the family lived near Mia, so then she had a new younger brother and a new older sister. Two years later when she was 5, her younger brother went up a mountain and he got lost, so Mazie went to go and find him…