Llamy the llamacorn asks for a refund

Ballymac Friendship Club
June 29th 2015

Once upon a time, there lived a unicorn called Sparky. Sparky was underground because she was visiting her friend Llamy the llamacorn.

Sparky’s greatest wish was to be sparkly.

“I made up a new favourite wish, Llamy – to be sparkly!” said Sparky.

“Very nice. I want to be sparkly too,” said Llamy.

“When I was coming to your house I saw spiders and I was crying,” said Sparky.

“I never saw them, I better go check,” said Llamy.

Llamy ran as fast as he could to the entrance where he saw big, gigantic spiders.

“EEEK!” Llamy said. “They’re really big spiders. I’d better go back to the house.”

When Llamy arrived, she called pest control.

Five minutes later, pest control arrived. Pest control were trolls called Bob, Harry and Noel.

“Troll up!” said Bob. Harry and Noel agreed. “Why are you scared of those small little spiders, they’ll do no harm to you.”

“Yeah they are, they keep coming into my house. They are a nuisance. Can we have a refund?” said Llamy…