Fantastic Fictions

The Blosteries

Dara Law, aged 11, Co Derry/Londonderry

In the world of Blostaria, there were three pretty ordinary Blostarian children. Blostaria was not at all populous nor normal compared to here on Earth. The planet was travelling at a thousand miles per minute, and was soon to clash with our solar system...

Defeating Professor Doom


Riaghan O’Kane, age 10, Co Fermanagh

Inspired by the Harry Potter books by J K Rowling.

Once there was a wizard called Riaghan. His best friends were called Dara, Ashley and Orla. They went to a magic school called Wisdom and were in a house called Ellipsis...

The Spooky Train Discovery

Katie McMahon, age 11, Co Fermanagh

Inspired by Five Go Off to Camp by Enid Blyton

One evening Katie arrived with her friends and dog to her house. Her friends were Tiona and Kyra, and her dog was called Coco, a springer spaniel. Coco was running around the house with excitement and Katie sat wishing she could do that too. She was so excited because she and her friends were going camping and leaving in just ten minutes...


Dean McGriskin, age 10, Co Fermanagh

There was a boy in a small house reading a book called Fourtmares. He loved the ghosts and the people who got scared by them. He read different chapters every year when they come out. This year was different- the book was like the game he played, called Fourtnite. He read it every day but then he turned to the next page and it was blank, then blue stuff came out and sucked him in...

The Book of Reality

Stephen West, age 10, Co Fermanagh

One day a boy called Tony was exploring when he found a cave. He decided to go into the cave and discovered a book, gold with a silver lining. He opened it to FIND… nothing. All the pages were blank, well, apart from one. It had one line- “You can write anything in this book, and it will happen.” ...

Attack of the Pumpkins

Cailen McNally, age 10, Co Fermanagh

Charlie loved Halloween, it was his favourite time of the year, dressing up in scary costumes and getting lots of sweets from trick or treating with friends. However, this year was going to be so boring...

Explorer of the Great Outdoors and Animal Rescuer

Lorcan McGirr, age 11, Co Fermanagh

Inspired by Little Foxes by Michael Murpurgo

Hi, remember me? Billy Bunch is the name. You may recall my rather sad start to life. Let’s face it - being left in a doorway of the police station is hardly the best start! However, I’m still here to tell the tale...

Athena Daisy-Head

Cadhla McManus, age 11, Co Fermanagh

As I pulled out the book in the old part of the library, a very dusty tattered book fell on me. I opened the book expecting to be filled with excitement. But when I opened it, it was just a plain, boring ordinary book. I began to close the book when I heard a faint whisper…


Eva Graham, age 9, Co Down

Hey, my name is Noah. This is the story of how I met my dog and we went on adventures together, just the two of us. It’s probably the clearest thing I can remember. I couldn’t remember anything clearer than that moment. It was special.

I was walking home from school, alone. It was a typical day. I carried my schoolbag over my shoulder and swiftly walked down the path. I was so excited to go home because my mother told me she had a surprise for me...

The Alien Invasion

Dillon McEvoy, age 11, Co Down

There was my friend and I, and we were reading our books. I was reading one about the alien invasion, and there was a picture that looked like our house. 

There was something about the house. So we went upstairs and found a wardrobe that came from nowhere. It spooked us out...