The Big Fight

Stephen O’Hagan, aged 10, Co Derry/Londonderry

Bob-             Dad!

Dad-             What?

Bob-             Roger won’t get out of my room!

Dad-             Roger!

Roger-          Yes, Dad?

Dad-             Get out of Bob’s room!

Roger-          FINE!

Dad-             Remember I am leaving to get you a surprise today. So be good.

Roger-          Ok Dad!

(Twenty minutes later)

Dad-             I’ve got the present. Have a look.

Roger, Bob-  A… a… a… baby! Why us? …No!

Dad-             Yes!

Roger-          No!

Dad-             Yes! He’s called Junior.

Roger-          NO!

(One year later)

Bob-             Dad! Junior broke my X-Box!

Dad-             I am sure he didn’t mean to…

And if you are wondering how he did it? He dropped a hammer on it. Dad did not know this because Junior had a toy hammer. So now they don’t have an X-Box. No X-Box! How could it get any worse?

(Two thousand and nineteen)

It just got worse! They tried to get Dad married, it did not work and they got in trouble. They know not to try that again.