The President Of Brussia (Short Play)- Scene 1-10

Tara O'Brien
Authored Date: 
Sat, 13/11/2021
Story Summary: 

Basic Storyline
A family of people have funny family problems (you don’t say). The family includes a grandmother, a mother, a father, a son, two daughters and a goldfish called Captain Jack Sparrow (Jack for short).
Evelyn is 67 (even though she pretends to be 400). Her husband died a while ago and she stays with the Smiths (family). Mostly she is just a nuisance and rarely ever turns the TV off.
Jane works as a nurse and always does everything in the house, without thinking about it. She has a caring nature and helps everyone through the tough times.
Paul works in Sainsbury’s. He is a joker and loves salami. He bought Jack when he was very drunk.
Derek loves football and hates homework (obviously. Who likes homework?) Does badly in school, but great in sport.
Daughter 1
Annie is the younger sister. She is younger than Derek. She loves animals and pink.
Daughter 2
Hollie is a very strange teenager. She doesn’t answer normally (sometimes (especially after philosophy class) she uses the third person instead of the “I” person). Wears boring clothes and has very little interest in mortal objects (though sometimes she strikes up a conversation with a sellotape dispenser or a clock).
Jack is probably the most sane member of the family. He blubs and glugs and...that’s pretty much it. Oh no, wait. He swims in circles. He’s orange (Wow. Totally strange for a goldfish).

This family goes about their business until they get a rather unusual call from the president of Brussia (Oscar Ly. Ying). The president has an unusual problem and he needs to talk to Evelyn. She used to be one of the world’s leading therapists. The president is convinced that he is bread and cheese. This is not good. (No way). The story ends with the president not being any better than before. He embraces his existence of bread and cheese and continues ruling Brussia (which doesn’t exist).