The Fall (...No More Kettle!)

11th March 2021An illustration to accompany The Fall (...No More Kettle!) written by Mount St Michael's Primary School, Randalstown

P7, Mount St Michael’s Primary School, Randalstown

There once was a kettle called Fred, but he was no ordinary kettle. He had a special superpower. He had red laser eyes that he used to boil the water. His owner didn’t like Fred very much because every time she tried to make tea he would break down...

Paint Ball Splat

P.7, St John's Primary School, DerryIllustration for pain ball splat written by St John's Primary School, Derry, P7

It was a summery Sunday, the sun was shining and lots of people were playing. Jimmy Donald was playing paintball with his best friend Sally.  Jimmy and Sally were on one team and his twin brother, Donald Jimmy, and Donald’s best friend Jonathan were on the other.

Once Upon a Nut

5th March 2021Illustration for Once Upon a Nut written by Moorfields Primary School, Ballymena, P7

P.7, Moorfields Primary School, Ballymena

Once upon a nut, there was a husky called Jet and his best friend, a chipmunk called Hazel. Jet wanted to find his owner. Hazel the chocolate-brown chipmunk nimbly climbed up the tallest oak tree, looking for Jet’s long-lost owner. When she got there, she saw a nut instead.

Peter and the Staff of Doom

Illustration for Peter and the Staff of Doom written by Moorfields Primary School, Ballymena, P64th March 2021

P.6, Moorfields Primary School, Ballymena

There was a superhero called Peter Swift who was 16 years old. He lived in an apartment on the fifteenth floor in Belfast. His apartment was very high tech. On one of the walls there was a picture of a superhero. Behind the picture was a button. When he pressed the button, the wall opened into a secret room. It was full of costumes and gadgets...

The Wizard's Quest

2nd March 2021An illustration for The Wizard's Quest written by Mount St Michael's Primary, Randalstown P7
P7, Mount St Michael's Primary, Randalstown

Bob woke up, it was a normal day. Then he realised his parents were gone! He scrambled out of bed and started brushing his teeth until his gums nearly started bleeding! He didn’t bother getting breakfast and thought maybe his parents would be picking berries. 

Bob ran downstairs to the cauldron in the enchanted forest, grabbed a couple of ingredients and magicked up a portal...

Bon Voyage

2nd Year BEd Primary Education students, Stranmillis University College

17th February 2021Illustration for Bon Voyage, written by 2nd year BEd Primary Education students, Stranmillis University College

Norman couldn’t take another day of this. He was your average 78-year-old man from Cornwall, but with a lifelong wish. He had spent an embarrassingly large amount of his pension on swimming lessons and was ready to give up...