Funkie's Best Friend

St Mary's on the Hill Primary School, P5An illustration for Funkie's Best Friend written by St Mary's on the Hill Primary School, P5
6th May 2021

There was a monkey called Funkie flying through the sky zooming as fast as he could looking for a candy-floss cloud. When he saw the candy-floss cloud, out of the side of his eye he saw a tiny baby dragon already eating it. He decided to bite the baby dragon on the bum! He had put a lot of effort into finding the cloud and it had already been eaten...


Year 9, Malone Integrated CollegeAn illustration for Dreams, written by Year 9 Malone Integrated College
30th April 2021

Jim was in bed dreaming. He was being chased in a forest by a monster and he felt very scared. He was running, trying to find a hiding place. It was the same dream every night...

Pigeon Saves the Day

St Mary on the Hill Primary School P5Illustration for Pigeon Saves the Day written by St Mary on the Hill Primary School, P5

29th April 2021

One morning, a sabretooth tiger called Hannah got up from her bed to look outside her window and was delighted to see her cubs playing. When she looked out, she saw Pigeon Man coming to look after her cubs...

Rob's Way Home

Illustration for Rob's Way Home, written by Fane Street Primary School P7Fane Street Primary School P7 

20th April 2021

One day there was a rabbit called Rob that got lost in a witch’s garden. It was a really sunny day and the witch had her wizard friend Capitor over to have coffee in the garden...

The Forgotten Football

25th March 2021Illustration to accompany The Forgotten Football written by St Treas Primary School, Ballyronan
P6 & P7, St Treas Primary School, Ballyronan.

Once there was a football that lived happily with his family. One day they were walking down the road, when Dug hit a big rock. There was a vehicle coming, he was in the road and he got burst. Then he was sent to the junkyard, where the nightmare kept coming back to him. 

A Day in the Park

24th March 2021

P.5/6, St Trea's Primary School

There once was a red fox labrador called Rover. His greatest wish was to turn invisible. One day Rover met a walking, talking rubber called Jeff in the park. Jeff was helping someone with their homework...


The Case of the Missing Scrolls

19th March 2021Bob the pyramid from the story, The Case of the Missing Scrolls

St Mary's On the Hill Primary School P7

Bob, the three-foot-tall talking pyramid was jumping and swimming from South Africa to London. When Bob and Eugene, his microscopic friend, were in South Africa, they met a talking dog named Wilson who could fly. When they went up to Wilson, he started to fly away...