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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

The Villains

St John's Primary School Gilford, P4/5
30th January 2024


It was a stormy night, and Star was trying to steal gold. He was waiting for the bank to close to go and get gold. He would usually wait until everybody was asleep and go into people’s houses and steal their money.

The Football Sensation

Some dogs outside a kebab shop
Illustration by Emma Gibb

St Vincent De Paul's Primary School, P6/7
25th January 2024


There once was a dog mother who had a very muscly pup. She abandoned him because she did not like how muscly he was. Geoffrey was left on the streets. He was walking and walking and walking, looking for food. He didn’t find food, but he found a rat named Tara...

The Wonders of Nature

A foot hovering over a scared flower
Illustration by Ben Claxton

Buick Memorial Primary School, P5/P6
23rd January 2024

Sunshine, the special flower and her friend Marshmallow, the guinea pig were sitting in the garden of a house under the sun, when something very strange happened. A human came out of the house and was about to step on Sunshine...

Jimbob's Crazy Life

Groggan Primary School, P5
23rd January 2024


One morning Jimbob was flying in the sky and spotted his best friend Timmy. Jimbob was trying to fly but he couldn’t because he was so tired! Then a giant crash happened from below; it was a cow crashing into a tree. But then Jimbob was going to fall. 

Luna’s Great Escape

Nettlefield Primary School, P4
11th January 2024

A robot looming over a frightened lemon in a kitchen next to an open fridge
Illustration by Sinead Farry

Luna the lemon was stuck in the fridge and was trying to get out. She got really cold. She didn't like being cold. Someone opened the fridge and she jumped out. A robot appeared out of nowhere and took her to a different dimension. The lime was also trying to get out of the fridge but it was stuck. Luna the lemon was in the dark dimension, and she was scared and too warm...

The Adventures of Bob the Frog

Scoil an Droichid, R6
10th January 2024A boot squashing a house with two frogs and a raddish running away

In a swamp one day a radioactive building blew up and Bob the frog came to life. He discovered he was able to talk. The first food he encountered was spaghetti. People were chasing him for it so he thought it was rare. Then he ran into another frog called Jimmy, who was teal and green, and they became best friends.

Bob and Jimmy travelled through the mountains and lakes of spaghetti until they finally found the perfect home...