The Noise in the Night

Aquinas Grammar School Yr 9
3rd February 2022

Did you hear that?” whispered Saoirse, putting down the knife she had been using to chop carrots in the kitchen as it was winter and it was getting dark as it came up to 5pm.

Yes I did!” John said, nervously, his teeth chattering...

The Amazing Life of Doughy

Lagan Village Youth Group


Once upon a day, there was this octopus and it had ten legs. Our hero’s story then begins, with Doughy, the donut.  

He was round with two eyes and two legs, and sugar coated. He was about the size of my mother.
Doughy lived by the water in Belfast in a donut house made from bubblegum. There were boats and fish...

Owen's Leap of Faith

New Volunteer Training Session 

18th January 2022

“C’mon Owen, you have to try!” Buster the Mouse looked down to where Owen was hiding behind the teapot. The little onion quivered.

Buster put his hands on his skinny, furry hips and looked at Owen sternly...

The Mad Scientist and Bob the Alien... Something's Gone Wrong!

Gaelscoil na Móna P4/5

13th January 2022

The Mad Scientist was in his lab in an unknown planet making potions with Bob the Alien. He wanted to make Pluto whole again and grow again. The potions are special to him so he keeps them locked up in his secret lab.They have different colours. Multi-coloured potions are for turning into different animals. Brown is for travelling in space. Green is for turning into reptiles like crocodiles...

The Potato on the Hunt

12th January 2022

Cumran Primary School, P.5

One Tuesday night, Potato was in a field playing Catch with his best friend Billie the Pig. Potato threw the potato to Billie, but it got stuck in a tree. The tree opened and the potato rolled inside.