A Lanky Stick and a Magic Spatula

Aquinas Diocesan Grammar School, Year 9
3rd March 2022

Maclean was looking for his magic burger spatula in his basement because he had to go to his job at McDonalds in a couple of hours. Instead he found a gauntlet. Then he found the burger spatula.

However, the burger spatula wasn’t normal either. On it he found a string of letters which was actually a password for entering an enormous gauntlet. His grandfather had told him that the spatula unveiled a cave. 

Maclean was scared and anxious but he was more intrigued and he had promised his grandfather that he would find the cave, so he tapped the letters on the spatula...

Patrice and the Glowing Forest

Holy Family Primary School, P7
1st March 2022

Once upon-a-glow there was a magical glowing planet called Alteria, so you see. There was a hidden crystal in the forest called Diablo. There were some people that glowed too. They were smart in their own special way. When they ate the mushrooms it made them glow...

Bees in Disguise

Aquinas Diocesan Grammar School, Year 9
24th February, 2022

Barry was at work and his boss said, ‘You’re fired again, Barry!’

Barry told his boss to buzz off. ‘If I’m going to get fired I might as well put these bees back’, and he took a handful of bees out of his pocket. He threw them at the boss and ran out of the room.

Saoirse was at a bus stop by herself. She rang Barry to tell him he was supposed to meet her 20 minutes ago. Barry picked up the phone as he was leaving and Saoirse could hear his boss shouting at him...

The Adventure of Time

Fane Street Primary School, P5
22nd February 2022

Once upon a time, Linda saw her father talking to his friends about getting a blood sample. She went near them and asked what they were talking about.

“Nothing,” her father replied, stopping one of his friends from answering. After that, the father told his friend: “Don’t tell her!” He knew that she was a very curious person and would go to his office to find out. 

In his office, there was a secret portal that took you to the new world and everyone was fighting over it.The portal was black and green, purple and blue, hidden behind a bookcase...

The Texas Tag Team: When Frederick Became Strangle Sam

EDIT Group from Strathfoyle
10th February 2022

Frederick and James are in 2032.

‘Ding ding ding.’

The bell rings. Fred wakes up and sees all the people outside of the wrestling ring. They are wearing tight wrestling outfits. Fred realizes that James is wearing a pink mask with holes cut out for his pink mohawk and beard. Frederick’s hair is a green afro outside of his mask. James and Fred are wearing matching outfits, but the only difference is their colour. James’ is pink and Fred’s is green. They are wearing wrestling trunks.

The Crash

Aquinas Grammar School, Y9B
10th February 2022

Chapter One: The Day Gerald Arrived

It all started when the crash happened. My new friend had just moved in next door and I invited him over to watch some TV. It was an event that scarred me my whole life....

Don’t-Know’s Birthday Surprise

Cathedral Youth Club at the Playhouse

9th February 2022

“My name is…Don’t-Know. That’s my name because I don’t remember anything.”

He was in his house and writing in his diary so that he remembers what he’s written about. He puts his diary away and goes down the stairs to see his auntie. It was during the school holidays and he didn’t have to go to school...

The Death of a Dog Whisperer

Youth Initiatives Derry/L’Derry

8th February 2022

Once upon a time Harry came back from his holiday (with a broken knee). He was looking for Barbara. He was quite on edge as he had just come home from his father’s funeral. Upset and distraught, he hobbled up the path to knock on the door of the run down house. Clutching a half empty beer bottle, Elizabeth opened the rusty door with a little hesitation...

The Final Days of Bob

Reach Across youth group

7th February 2022

It was a bleak and miserable day as Merlin was coming back from her holiday with a nice tan, by the way. There was a stark contrast between the beach and sunny skies she left behind in Majorca.

She was excited to see her alien, Bob who had been staying with Rhea while she was away. Rhea lived in an orange wizard’s tower in Brandywell, beside the cemetery, that had bubbles coming out of its chimney. There used to be a wizard who lived there, who disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Merlin and Rhea were best friends despite Rhea’s often clumsy and careless acts. Merlin knocked excitedly on Rhea’s door.

Rhea meanwhile, was frantically thinking up excuses...

The Serious Incident of the Missing Girl

Cedar Foundation


Shay and Billy J went to a therapist who turned out to be funny. He wore glasses, pokadot socks and had three lines across his bauld head. 

“So tell me boys, I understand you aren’t from a friendly upbringing. Do you mind telling me the events leading up to what happened with the girl?”

“We didn’t think this would happen, okay.”

“We regret our actions. Besides, Maddy could handle it.”

“Besides that ghost with the vacuum cleaner is mean...."