Jim Bob and the Alien Dog

Strandtown Primary School -  Mrs Gilliland's P4 Class
16th March 2022

Once upon a space there was an alien called Jim Bob. Jim Bob liked to eat loads of chocolate, thirty tonnes! He was very big, and he really missed his family on the planet Big Bop because an evil alien had brought him to another planet: Earth!

Big Bop was a thousand years old, and so everything was really old there because it was out in the middle of space.

Jim Bob was scared of water because there was no water on planet Big Bop. Jim Bob wanted to get back to Big Bop so that he could find his family, and so he didn’t have to be scared of water anymore...


Rob and the Muffled Magic

Strandtown Primary School, Year 4
Tuesday 15th March, 2022

Boom! Crash! One of Rob’s spells was going wrong!

Rob’s mum came upstairs.

‘Why do your spells keep going wrong? They’re causing a lot of racket!’

Rob was annoyed because his mum told him off so he did a spell on her.

It was a spell that made her go backwards whenever she tried to go forwards.

But the spell backfired on him...


The Magic Forest

The Playtrail at The Hub

15th March 2022

Once upon an enchanted time two people woke up in a forest at twilight. The two people were good and small.

“What’s that sound, lets go see what the sound could be.” Said Lisa

“Where are we?” said Leah in a tired voice.

“It looks like we are in an Irish enchanted forest,” said Lisa as there were glowing leaves.

“How did we get here?” Lisa said.

“I just woke up here,” said Leah...

The Lost Dog in New York

The Playtrail - The Hub Group

14th March 2022

It was a rainy Friday morning when Tyler left Sam the dog off with Amy, who lived in an apartment block with her 15 kids ranging in age from 25 to 6. The apartment had red bricks with six windows with pink window frames. The drainpipes and gutters were shaped like jelly beans. The apartment was filled with noise and hectic.  There was a spa on the roof. There was a red letterbox stuffed with mail and love letters. The older ones were fighting with the younger ones...

The Hampton Happenings

Aquinas Diocesan Grammar School, Year 9
10th March 2022

It was ten years ago today, when they both met at that sporting event in Indonesia. They were watching Kobe Bryant playing baseball. His team was losing because he attended the wrong sporting event - he had accidentally attended the baseball tournament instead of the basketball tournament. 

Huge Hamptons suddenly rolled onto the court like a moist snake and ripped the ball off one of the players. He hit a home run and suddenly Big Larne the tiger fell in love with him because of his feisty fiery eyes...



The Adventures of Joey and Alex

Strandtown Primary School, Year 4
9th March 2022

In a faraway land there was a giraffe called Joey and he lived very happily. He was not just any old giraffe. He had wings and could fly! Whenever the other giraffes were mean to him his friend, Alex, helped him by shooting stink bomb darts at them. Alex was a very nice snake. He always stuck up for Joey. He shot stink darts into their mouths and they got stinky gas down their throat. 

‘I’m so excited to go to the Olympics. I want to win!’ said Joey. 

‘I hope you win in the Olympics today,’ said Alex.

‘Thanks for being supportive, Alex, but I don’t want anyone to bully me in the Olympics.’

‘Just ignore the bullies, because they’re just being mean. You’re unique!’ 


Jimmy and Shaniqua’s Adventure

Lagan Village Youth Group


March 9th 2032

She met Jimmy at her formal and she went home with him, and she ended up in an empty hotel in East Belfast.  She woke up 10 years in the future.  She didn’t remember that Jimmy was her friend.

She had patchy fake tan and she wore a pink ballgown to the formal.  It was a big bouncy dress, like a drag queen’s, like a tu-tu, with lots of curly rolls.  It’s halfway up her legs now because she’s grown, and it’s dirty.  She was 5 feet 7 10 years ago, and she’s 7 feet 9 now.


KittyPaws and the Big Explosion

Childrens Festival exhibition at Banana Block

5th March 2022

Kitty Paws was watching TV when something went wrong with the TV and she got sucked inside it. After that she was very very shocked. The place was like a black hole. Was Kitty Paws going to be stuck in the TV forever? 

In the next room her best friend SpongeBlob was eating crisps. SpongeBlob came into the room, changed the channel and Kitty Paws went into a whole new world. KittyPaws was shocked and there were lasers going everywhere. She dodges the lasers and heads to the TV screen. 

SpongeBlob saw her in the TV and said: “How did you get in the TV?”...


The Cat and Koala That Didn’t Come Back

Victoria Park Primary School, P7
2nd March 2022

In the 1990s, at a bar, there was a mysterious cat called Sir Maximus dressed in a bowtie. He was really good at tapdancing because he’d been dancing for ten years. He loved how fun it was. Sir Maximus danced 24/7! He was waiting for his friend Fluffy the orange koala. Fluffy came in and said happily to Sir Maximus. “Have you got the coconuts?!”...