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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

Greg and the Dancing Dilemma

St Dallan's Primary School, P5
23rd April 2024

While Greg was getting ready that morning, he was practicing making a special chocolate that he had never made before. He brought some of the chocolate with him while he was cycling to his dance class. He was feeling excited and he ate the whole box of chocolates...

The Secret Room

Irish Society Primary School, P5
18th April 2024

There was a boy called Ace. He was 11 or 12 and he was in high school and loved football. Ace was very smart and was always kind to everyone.

Ace had a best friend called Theo. Theo loved cranking nineties in Fortnite, building at ninety degree angles!

They went to the school library and they read a book. They were going to read another book and then they found a secret entrance!...

Daylight Robbery

Stranmillis University College Education students
17th April 2024

It was a warm, dusty day in the outback and Zongo was bounding fast when disaster struck. He heard a grunt and glanced behind him, to stare down the barrel of a gun held by a strange looking creature...

The Goblin in the Mountains

St Dallan's Primary School, P5

16th April 2024

This is Gerald, the Goblin he wants to be nice but he is really scary. He destroys houses and he looks a wee bit scary. He has a very long nose, sharp teeth, warts and extremely green skin.Gerald is very clumsy, he accidentally hurts people and turns them into stone.

His best friend is Harry. He is a giant gummy bear. Harry tries to help Gerald be nice and inspires him to be kind and help people. Although Gerald is very terrifying he is very funny. Gerald also tries to make friends but everyone is scared of him. Gerald is the size of  a skyscraper...