The Accident

Augher Primary School, P6/7
4th May 2022

One day when Kat was on her way home from work, she started to remember her dead dog, Max, who she had accidentally hit with her car. She went home and went to bed. The next morning she went to her job as a vet. A dog was brought in with a broken leg from a car accident. It looked just like Max and she started to cry. After work she went to see her friend, Rick, at his house, because she needed to talk about her day. 

“You should go skydiving,” said Rick. “I know how much that helps..."

Dave’s Doom

Strandtown Primary School, P4
with Councillor Kate Nicholl, Lord Mayor of Belfast
29th April 2022

It was a special day in Doom’s calendar called Terrifying Day. Dave the dragon was walking through the forest when he heard a rustling in a bush… Stripes the Tiger was hiding in the bush and crept out to attack Dave.

Dave tried to breathe flames but it didn’t work, water came out instead! Stripes was scared and roared wetly. He was really angry and knocked Dave backwards into a deep, black hole...

Gary and His Big Wish

Carrickfergus Primary School, P6
28th April 2022

Gary was sitting in his cave with his best friend Jerry, a rainbow penguin. He was very sad because his biggest wish was to start a family, but he did not have a wife. His cave was next to a river and it was very bright because he was a neon bear.

Poppy's Big Trick

Milltown Primary School
27th April 2022

There once was a dog called Poppy and she was a border collie. Poppy lived in a circus and she liked to do tricks. Poppy used to have an owner when she was younger but then sadly the owner died and the circus adopted her. Poppy wanted to perform and be on stage and so every night Poppy would go backstage and copy the performers....

The Shocking Event

Carrickfergus Model Primary school P6
26th of April 2022

It was a cold and foggy night. It was in New Zealand in 1922. Tabitha and her family were driving home from a sandcastle building competition at the beach where she met Jack the footballer. Jack had dared her to slap her brother during a game of Truth or Dare. Her brother was teasing her about liking Jack and Tabitha’s mum and dad were shouting...

Blue Skelly and Nuggets’ Adventure

Strandtown Primary School, P.4

31st March 2022


Once upon a time, a green skeleton called Blue Skelly was walking to the supermarket. He was going to get some pepperoni pizza for dinner. He brought it home with him and ate it, sitting on the table. While he was eating his dinner and watching the news, he heard a knock at the door. It was his friend, Nuggets. 

Bob and the Spy

Strandtown Primary School, P.4 (A3)
30th March 2022

Once there was an alien called Bob who had green skin and a metal chest which made him look like a robot. Bob lived on the Robot Planet and had a pet dog called Max. Bob liked eating chocolate, but he didn’t like eating it alone and so he shared it with Max.

Bob and Max were starting to build a shed, and someone was spying on them. Bob had no idea, but Max started barking.

Bob was confused. “Stop barking, Max!”

Max kept on barking until Bob looked at what Max was barking at. There, over the wall, he could see the top of someone's head...

Ash the Fire Phoenix

Strandtown Primary School, P.4
29th March 2022

Ash the Fire Phoenix was talking to his friend Phoebe the toaster, when Phoebe said, “I’m late for popping up the toast in the cafe!”. Off she went to the cafe to start serving people food, but Phoebe forgot to pop the toast and the toast and the whole cafe went on fire, so Phoebe got fired!

Ash heard the fire alarm from the cafe and went to save Phoebe, but when he got there the water phoenix was putting out the fire...


The Journey to Pizzaland

Scruff the red dog with a slice of pizza.Strandtown Primary School, P.4
24th March 2022

Long ago there was a little dog called Scruff who lived in the arctic where there were lots of animals and it was very cold. Scruff was a lovely, fluffy dog, who had a friend called Leafo. Leafo was a monkey who had three leaves on his head and liked to eat leaves. Scruff was a little red dog who loved to eat pizza, and wanted to live in Pizzaland where everything was made of pizza...


Cosmic the Super Cat

Strandtown Primary School, P4
23rd March 2022

One sunny day, a cat called Cosmic was walking around the streets on Mars. Cosmic was white with orange stripes, and turquoise eyes. She was roaming, looking for something to eat, and she bumped into Banana Boy, someone she had never met before. Banana Boy was green because he wasn’t ripe yet...