Bon Voyage

2nd Year BEd Primary Education students, Stranmillis University College

17th February 2021Illustration for Bon Voyage, written by 2nd year BEd Primary Education students, Stranmillis University College

Norman couldn’t take another day of this. He was your average 78-year-old man from Cornwall, but with a lifelong wish. He had spent an embarrassingly large amount of his pension on swimming lessons and was ready to give up...

Rise of the Peelies

Thursday 11th February 2021 
Tusla Home Schoolers @ NI Science FestivalIllustration for Rise of the Peelies written by Tusla Home Schoolers at NI Science Festival

Layla and Shadow were running through the woods chasing the evil King Peelie.
They were at the walls of the palace when they got spotted by the Peelies and had to run..

Titanium Terror 

26th January, 2021
Year 8, Blessed Trinity College
The crimson red, boiling lava flew from the massive hole in the middle of the mountain. Near the bottom of the mountain lay a workshop where Titanium Man and his dog Jeff were working on their superpowers and practising their telepathy...

The Surprise

11th November 2020
By P6, St Colmcille Primary, Ballymena 
An illustration for The Surprise, written by P6 at St Colmcille Primary, Ballymena.

One day there was a scientist called Susie. Her and her best friend Fred went out to get pizza.
They walked across the street to the pizza shop but found that it was closed.

The Dark Unicorn

McKenzie Reddy, age 10, Co AntrimAn illustration for The Dark Unicorn written by McKenzie Reddy
Inspired by the author, Alice Hemming
From the Fantastic Fictions project 2020
This dark tale started on a cold Halloween night, and this death stallion didn’t have a name, for he was wild, a killer...


The Crazy Farmer’s Wish

Straidbilly PS P5 and 6 

6th Nov 2019

At The Riverside Theatre, Coleraine.

Georgie the farmer was fat and wanted to be as strong as his best friend Phillip, so he took wrestling classes.

Phillip was also a farmer who was strong and fit from wrestling cows and sheep a lot...

Gerome's Great Inventions

Straidbilly PS P6 and 7 Illustration for Gerome's Great Adventures, written by Straidbilly Primary P6 and P7

6th Nov 2019

at the Riverside Theatre, Coleraine

Gerome lived in a rocky world and he travelled in a space craft to bring his made-up humans to Earth. This asteroid was five million light years away in space. Only one person had walked on this rocky world and that was him. Gerome had built a machine that could form humans out of dust.