Speechless in the Shadows

St. Ronan's College, Year 10
18th May 2022

Everything was different back then. The shadows didn’t cling to the diseased land, the sky wasn’t a stormy purple, there used to be happiness among the people of Ravenshelm. The once pink skies and rose bushes had rotted into thunderstorms and dead thorns.  My family called me Alice, or at least I think they did, I was so young when they were taken from me. Now, I take from others with my new family. They took me in and put me to work, starting out with pickpocketing before moving up the ranks to doing heists and stealing from the rich to pay off The Spider...

The Curse of Music

Cavehill Primary School, P6
17th May 2022
A 100 Years Project workshop

Once there was a young girl whose family all played the violin carefully because there was no room for mistakes. The girl’s name was Hannah and she was 12 years old. She had black hair and she loved dancing. She had always wanted to play the violin because everyone in her family had done it. She wanted to follow in her ancestors' footsteps...

What's the REAL Secret?

REACT Youth Club
Armagh Robinson Library
16th May 2022

Oliver was looking through his picture book late one stormy evening and he was looking for  family photos so he could take a step closer to finding out who his family were. He was confused why his parents left him all those years ago and now he wanted to find answers. He was lying in his living room with his friend Jacob the monkey. It was late in the evening and the rain was battering off the windows...

The Freaky Sisters

Epicentre Youth Club Armagh
13th May 2022

Ava has brown hair and she is 13 years old. When her sister Sarah was born 3 years later, she started giggling at her for no reason.

Ava is 16 now, she is out playing with Sarah by an abandoned railway where she saw a ghost with long curly hair, with a potion. They both ran off back to their home and a few hours later they both had to go to sleep and Sarah was scared about the ghost. They have a flashlight because it's the middle of the night and Ava said

“There is no ghost, it’s your imagination..."

Metal Man and the Monster Imposter

Bloomfield Primary School, P6
12th May 2022

Metal Man was strong and brave… and made of metal. One day he was helping his alien friend Jimmy make an invention to stop bad guys. He went out of the lab and saw a giant robot that looked like him but was evil. The evil robot started trying to fight him.

“I don't want to fight, '' said Metal man. “I am a good person”. 

The evil robot said “Well I want to fight you because I am not a good person”.

The evil robot punched him out of nowhere when metal man least expected...

The Wolf Temple

Bloomfield Primary School, P4
11th May 2022

Chapter One

Once upon a time, Tails was in the park playing on the swings. When Tails was swinging, he fell off and hurt his leg and started crying. Flames saw him crying and she came over to help him.

    Flames said, ‘are you okay, Tails?’

    ‘No, I think my leg might be broken.’

    Flames phoned an ambulance and told them what happened. The doctors came and rushed Tails to the hospital. 

He had to stay in hospital for a month and was stuck in bed the whole time, but Flames came to see him everyday. But then one day, she didn’t come....

Liquid Enemies

REACT Group at the Robinson Library, Armagh

9th of May 2022

It was a dark and stomy night in mid winter. The wind was howling while Smeon was in the laboratory. He was thinking of his next idea for an invention. He decided to make a rocket than would run on mustard. The test and experiement failed and he got really mad.

The Legend of the Bottle

Cavehill Primary School, P6
10th May 2022

A 100 Years Project workshop

One evening there was a little boy called Bob and it was coming up to his 12th birthday. He woke up and his Granny came into his house and gave him a glass bottle from years ago. The bottle was all rusty and parts of it were broken, where the cap was, it was all ripped off. His Granny told him that her Dad gave it to her a year before his death.

‘Why have you given that to me and not another Grandchild?’ Bob asked...

The Lost Panda

Home Ed Group (ages 7-11)
5th May 2022

One day Panda the Red Panda goes to a store and finds a time travelling machine that can make you go to the start of time by pressing a button. She presses the button and falls from the sky and lands in the forest. There, she meets another panda called Violet. 

“Where did you come from?” said Violet in surprise. 

“Hi!” said Panda. 

“Are you okay?” said Violet.

Panda stands up and says “I’m okay!”

Together they walk through the forest...

Jafar and the Circus Ringmaster

5th May 2022

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was an evil wizard called Jafar who’s biggest dream was to play the piano as he wanted to play notes because he wanted to learn how to play a rhythm to be on time with it. He wants to perform in his home town in Jupiter called Randomville where everyone would float, to impress Jasmine, the girl he wants to marry. He went to a circus when he sees a pretty girl called Jasmine who is the ringmaster in charge of the circus...