The Wizard's Quest

2nd March 2021An illustration for The Wizard's Quest written by Mount St Michael's Primary, Randalstown P7
P7, Mount St Michael's Primary, Randalstown

Bob woke up, it was a normal day. Then he realised his parents were gone! He scrambled out of bed and started brushing his teeth until his gums nearly started bleeding! He didn’t bother getting breakfast and thought maybe his parents would be picking berries. 

Bob ran downstairs to the cauldron in the enchanted forest, grabbed a couple of ingredients and magicked up a portal. Bert was minding his own business on the other side of the portal when Bob showed up and told him his parents were missing.

“Do you know where they went?” Bert asked Bob. Bob shook his head and started crying.

Bert froze and his face went as white as a sheet. Bob asked Bert what was wrong and Bert said, “It’s that blasted dragon that’s got your parents! He’s always capturing wizards.”

Bob said, “My parents must have gotten captured for hunting him down"...