A Wee Dog Called Daffy 

Short Strand After School Club 
18th November 2021

Once upon a time there was a wee dog called Daffy and he lived in a house beside a river. The house was made of logs and Daffy’s bed was a small version of the house and it had his name on it.  Daffy woke up and got out of bed. He had his morning breakfast which was cabbage and shish kebabs. 

Daffy was feeling cranky because he was old and tired and hadn’t woken up properly. Daffy took a peek out of the dog flap and he saw a ginger cat walking by and the ginger cat saw him. 

“Hi,” said the ginger cat.  

“Who are you,” said Daffy. He was surprised.  

“My name is Sophia,” said Sophia in a joyful voice. “Why aren’t you coming outside? It’s such a beautiful day!” 




“I’m not coming outside because I’m afraid of getting kidnapped.” 

Just as Daffy said that, Sophia took off the mask she was wearing. Daffy saw that she was actually a dog…