Veg vs Fat

St Bernard's Primary School
Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The bell rang at Crob’s workplace to signal the beginning of lunch.  Crob opened his Peppa Pig lunch box. King Carrot jumped out.     

“YARRR!” he crunched.   

Crob was terrified.  He immediately melted into butter, which he did when he got emotional.    

Crob melted towards the kitchen. In the kitchen, he got over his fear and turned back into a man.  He saw a mouse hole and reached inside. He knew that there were useful things in there because his pet mouse lived there, who looked after his peeler. He pulled out a peeler and ran back to his Peppa Pig lunch box.    

 As he looked around, Crob saw King Carrot by the window with an army of Brussel sprouts. He felt scared because Brussel sprouts were his weakness.  He melted into butter really quickly and a drop of butter flew into King Carrot’s eye.    The Brussel sprouts tried to save him because King Carrot was their leader.
They all jumped on King Carrot to try to save him. It added too much weight and they all fell out the window…