Vampire Friends: The Story of Dave and the Creepy Woods

Fane Street Primary School, P6
14th September 2021

A 100 Years Project workshop

There once was a vampire who was afraid of fire. The vampire was called Dave. One night, he met a boy called Nelson. They met in the woods. They were talking, eating a picnic, and playing hide-and-seek.

“Do you want to hear a creepy story?” asked Dave.

“YES!” said Nelson.

They both sat down in their tent. The tent was purple and could light up with little lights shaped like vampires.

Nelson carefully lit a candle, not knowing that Dave was afraid of fire. Dave screamed and tried to run rout of the tent. He was in such a hurry that he didn’t run through the door. He ran straight into the wall and took the tent with him! He ran so fast that he ran right out of the woods.

Nelson was left alone, lost. He felt sorry and lonely. He wanted to find Dave to say sorry. Suddenly, he tripped on a rock and the candle flew out of his hands. The dry grass caught fire...