Titanium Terror 

26th January, 2021
Year 8, Blessed Trinity College

The crimson red, boiling lava flew from the massive hole in the middle of the mountain. Near the bottom of the mountain lay a workshop where Titanium Man and his dog Jeff were working on their superpowers and practising their telepathy. 

A long time ago, when he had first arrived at the volcano, he found a little old shack and transformed it into his workshop. One day, when he was working on the ledge of the volcano and he was going to reach for a tool. Slipping, he pricked himself on a piece of titanium. He felt a little strange and passed out, and when he woke up, he found he was made of titanium. He felt frightened, he knew that he would never be accepted, and that people would be fearful of him. 

Titanium Man had met Jeff when he saw his owner trying to shove him off a cliff and into the volcano. As Jeff was falling into the volcano yelping, he felt as if he could hear a loud voice screaming. He had no idea where the voice was coming from, but he shrugged it off as being part of his imagination. He fell down hard onto the ledge sticking out of the volcano’s side, rolled over, and shot down the middle of the volcano. Titanium Man used his powers to reach out with titanium to break his fall...