Ted and Peely’s Great Adventures

Maine Integrated Primary School, P4
20th June 2024

One day after school, Peely was feeling excited on their way to the new park because it had just opened. Peely met the two popular and horrid bullies from school. They were way bigger than Peely and they were unkind.

There was a little dog there called Ted. Ted and Peely were from the same class at school. Ted noticed the unkindness.

“Get away from him,” Ted growled, took off his collar, and chased them out of the park.

Peely was shocked and in a frightened way he said, “Thank you. Would you like to come to my house to play?”

They were calmly walking when Peely tripped over a curb and hurt his knee. “I think I need a rest,” thought Peely to himself. When Ted was helping Peely up, they stumbled across some footprints. The footprints looked like ginormous, purple paws. 

“This looks like one of my old friends,” said Peely…