The Story of the Two Best Friends

3rd March 2021Illustration for The Story of the Two Best Friends written by Doagh Primary P6 and Ballyclare High School Year 8
P6, Doagh Primary School & Year 8, Ballyclare High School

Max was in his house, just back from football training. He had just started his homework when there was a knock at the door. It was his friend Michael. “Hi,” said Max, “How are you? That match was so fun,” laughed Max. “Did you see my goal?” 

“Yes, I saw that match,” said Michael. “That was a great goal you scored. Do you want to go to Piccolo’s and get something to eat?” 

“Mmm, yeah, because I am quite hungry after that big match,” responded Max.

On the way to Piccolo’s, they found a scruffy, brown dog with twigs on his back. The dog was out of breath and really thirsty. It looked like he hadn’t been fed in a while...