The Story of Jimmy and Jerry

Knocknagoney Primary School, P.4An illustration to accompany 'The Story of Jimmy and Jerry' by Knocknagoney Primary School, P4

21st May 2021

Jimmy was on the moon with his best friend Brody. He was drinking coffee and was on a morning walk. After a while he came to a forest with butterflies and dragonflies. Then he came to a hidden temple. He tiptoed inside and found treasure all across the floor.

“Wow, look at this amazing treasure! I should take this back home,” said Jimmy.

Jimmy didn’t know there were traps, but he stepped on a trap with one leg. He didn’t fall in so he took his leg off. It was only a really small spot to get to the treasure. Then Jerry came along.

“Do you need help getting the treasure out?” said  Jerry.

“Yes, please,” said Jimmy.

The hole was too small for even Jerry to go through so he used his fire beam to melt a bigger hole. Jerry went into the hole and put treasure in his shell for Jimmy and some for him.

Jimmy and Jerry were thinking for a while and then they decided that they should give all of the treasure to charity. They wanted to give the money to kids in need in hospitals. But they didn’t know that someone was watching them…