Slither the Snake

Knocknagoney Primary School P4An illustration to accompany 'Sliver the Snake' written by Knocknagoney Primary School P4

19th May 2021

Slither came from the moon. He wanted to come to Earth to become famous. He built a rocket out of grey cheese. His banana best friend Jim helped him.

“Can we eat this rocket?” Jim asked Slither.

“If we come back from Earth!” said Slither.

They carved the rocket out of the cheese and used their alien powers to take off from the moon.

“I am scared I might be chased by people!” Slither told Jim, “I want to be famous and be on the news for coming from the moon. I want to make a lot of money.”

“You did say you were afraid of being hunted,” said Jim. “What if you get hunted after being on the news?”

As they were flying through space, Jim got hungry and ate a big chunk out of the rocket…