Shark Attack!

Wild World Heroes! Libraries NI
13th August 2021

Ursula was starving. She had been looking all over her underwater town but she could not find fish anywhere. She darted around all the buildings, high and low, but could find nothing. She climbed to the surface and took a breath of air and she immediately turned human.


Today was Ursula’s birthday. “Were they planning to surprise me?” Ursula thought. “Or have they just gone away?”

Ursula thought about her best friend Sophia. Sophia was a dolphin who was famous for giving everybody in Aquaville rides around the town. She knew that Sophia was so kind and thoughtful that she would never do something like that. Something had to be wrong!

Sophia was in the same position as when Ursula found her years ago, trapped in a rusty, fine-meshed fishing net. Fortunately, Ava was nearby. Ava had been diving since she was a baby and because she was as efficient under the sea as on the soil, she was one of Ursula and Sophias’ best friends.

All of a sudden a shark appeared behind Sophia. “HELP!” she squeaked. Ava heard the call and swam as fast as she could out of the shipwreck towards her best friend in danger…