Rocks of Doom

Moving Up Moving On, Forthspring
February 26 2020

It was the middle of the night and Rocks of Doom woke up from a bad dream.  He had dreamed of the battle with his enemy from long ago, the robot Gundam GX991.

He was sleeping in a cave behind a waterfall.  His best friend Smashing Splasher lived close by.

In his dream he felt sad that they had fought and he said sorry. He was cold and sweaty.  He got up and ran away to another cave where there was more light and furniture and his pet pebble named Timmy.

The next morning he called his friend Smashing Splasher over and made a fry for her and he told her about his dream.

‘I wish that I could have the power of telekinesis so that I could defeat my enemy, Gundam the robot,’ said Rocks of Doom.

Smashing Splasher said, ‘That was a crazy dream.  Your wish was brilliant.’ ...