The Revengers: The Legend of Thabnoss

Limavady High School, Y8 & Y9

9th June 2021


Piffe was running very fast with his badminton racket. He was trying to help Thabnoss out of the water.illustration for the legend of thabnos, a story written by Limavady High School Y8 & Y9

“Why are you always tripping over pebbles into the water?” asked Piffe. “And why do I always have to come to your rescue?”

“Thanks so much for helping me. You’ve really been there for me for the past few years,” said Thabnoss. “When I was young, I broke my back. I don’t have very good balance.”

People always say that dogs are more loyal but Piffe the giant ginger cat proves otherwise. He has been the best friend I have ever had, thought Thabnoss...