The Power of the Magic Horseshoe

Carrickfergus Model Primary School, P6
18th November 2021
A 100 Years Project workshop

Jeff lived on a farm with a lot of animals and a big barn with a red door. Jeff’s house was beside the barn. He kept all of his special stuff that he didn’t want anyone to see in a secret bit at the back of his house. Jeff also had a daughter called Emily who was going to enter a horse-riding competition. Emily lived with her dad but she had her own tree house a short walk away.

One afternoon, Jeff was looking for Emily. As usual, she was hiding up in her tree house. On his way there, Jeff found a horseshoe. He knew that Emily had a horse-riding competition soon, and that she needed a horseshoe for Raven, her all-time favourite horse. He picked up the horseshoe and stared at it for a moment.

The horseshoe looked like a normal horseshoe, except that it had a rainbow effect. The colours were a medium brightness and every so often there was a wee spark of one of the colours. As he was holding it, it began to spark in his hands. Jeff was amazed by it. “Wow!” he said. “Emily’s going to love this!”


Meanwhile, at Queen Green Tiger’s palace, one of her flying donkeys had just returned. He went straight to the stable where he lived to tell one of the other donkeys what had happened. 

“I lost my shoe as I was flying over the farm,” he said. “I’m so confused, I thought I put it on properly.”

Bob thought his friend was being sarcastic. “You have to go and tell the queen,’ he said. 

The flying donkey went to see the queen, who was sitting on her crystal throne in a room in the middle of her palace. 

“I’ve lost my magic horseshoe, Your Highness,” he said. 

The Queen was mad. There were a lot of buttons on her chair. The green one gave treats to the donkeys. She didn’t push that one. She pushed the big red button instead…