Pigeon Saves the Day

St Mary on the Hill Primary School P5Illustration for Pigeon Saves the Day written by St Mary on the Hill Primary School, P5

29th April 2021

One morning, a sabretooth tiger called Hannah got up from her bed to look outside her window and was delighted to see her cubs playing. When she looked out, she saw Pigeon Man coming to look after her cubs. He was Hannah’s best friend and was always dressed in a pigeon costume with a red cape. Every time Pigeon Man visited, the two friends always talked about how he stole their food as a joke.

“Hi Pigeon Man. Overgrown pigeon, just step off my kids’ food!” said Hannah, giggling.

“No chance!” exclaimed Pigeon Man.

“Thanks for pooping on the heads of all the predators and keeping them away from my cubs!” said Hannah.

That night, when the cubs were sleeping, a lion came and started to attack the baby cubs, but Hannah didn’t know. She woke up in the middle of the night to their cries. She leapt out of bed and went to see what was wrong. Hannah felt anxious and helpless…