Paint Ball Splat

P.7, St John's Primary School, Derry/LondonderryIllustration for pain ball splat written by St John's Primary School, Derry, P7

It was a summery Sunday, the sun was shining and lots of people were playing. Jimmy Donald was playing paintball with his best friend Sally.  Jimmy and Sally were on one team and his twin brother, Donald Jimmy, and Donald’s best friend Jonathan were on the other.

“Watch out!” shouted Jimmy. Sally jumped out of the way and the paintball hit the wall with a green splat. It was in a shape of a Martian.

Jimmy felt scared. He started running away from the wall.

“Focus on the game!” said Sally. Jimmy didn’t listen. He kept on running towards a tree. When he got there, he hid behind it. 

Jimmy wished he could become invisible. He knew that he had to believe in himself for this to happen. “Please, please!” whispered Jimmy.

Just then the green splat began to come to life…