The Mouse and the Spiders

Wild World Heroes with Libraries NI 

6th August 2021

Arthur the field mouse woke up to his bed being shaken.

There once was a zebra who created a special potion, using his DNA, to create magical purple grass. Arthur had a bed in his burrow, which was made of leaves he had foraged for. The spiders were making webs, which was making Arthur’s burrow shake! These spiders had pink backs and orange legs and they were the size of a house. 

The webs were used to stop the spiders’ cars because they had no brakes. The spiders were building too many cars and making too much noise. Arthur was annoyed that these spiders were using his natural resources to make fuel for the cars. Arthur could hypnotise spiders whenever he smelt a pencil.

Arthur said to himself in a squeaky, angry voice, “I need to stop these spiders! They are making so much noise, making webs and they are wasting the grass!” Arthur felt upset...

[artwork by Jake Gallagher, age 8, and Lucy Jack, age 7]