The Last Griffin

Sacred Heart Boys' Primary School
Wednesday, October 2, 2019

It had been 13 years since Gary the Griffin arrived in the forest.  He had lost all his family and friends and the last one left was Bobby the Unicorn.  They had met when they were 3 years old.

Gary’s parents had been killed by humans and he had flown to a forest and found a cave to hide in.  Bobby had also lost his parents as well and could not find Gary as he was hiding in the cave.  They found each other again when Bobby crashed after a bird flew into him.

Bobby the Unicorn and Gary the Griffin fight off the crocodiles and trolls who try to fight them.  Gary had been keeping a secret about him always wanting to become human.  He had been keeping it for many years until they found a magical lamp.  Gary was really excited.

In that moment Gary said to Bobby, “I have always wanted to be a human...”