Jimbo, The Race Car and His Dancing Rhino

An illustration to accompany Jimbo, The Race Car and His Dancing Rhino, written by Donegall Road Primary School, P6Donegall Road Primary School, P6
May 13th 2015

One day, Jimbo the car driver was racing the car with his best friend Electro. Electro was a super-fast dog with laser-shooting eyes, a super-bark and a hoverboard.

Webman shot a web to make Jimbo and Electro go off the course. Webman was a gigantic poisonous spider who shoots poisonous webs.

Jimbo wished that a rhino would come and help him. Nearby, Racing Rhino was in a field doing ballet in a pink tutu. Racing Rhino didn’t hear Jimbo the car driver scream, but he did have his i-Horn with him.

‘Puff, puff!’ went his phone. He answered the phone, saying, ‘I’m in the middle of doing my ballet. What seems to be the problem?’

‘I need help,’ said Jimbo. ‘I’m being pushed off the track by Webman!’

Racing Rhino said, ‘I will dance to you’…