Jack and the Magical Special Peculiar Teddy Bear

Scoil an Droichid, P6

14th October 2021 

A 100 Years Project workshop



Jack was walking home from school and saw a Teddy Bear on the street. Then, a bully named Susan came up to him and they fought about it. 

“I got the Teddy Bear from an alien,” said Susan proudly but she was lying and she thought she knew who owned it.

Jack said “I don’t believe you!” 

Susan ran towards the Teddy but Jack’s dog Trisha grabbed it before she could get there. The next day Jack got the Teddy Bear from his dog and put it in his school bag to take to school. Then, in school his teacher said they were going to put his Teddy Bear in a time capsule. Jack was so angry about this. 

Susan was in Jack’s class too and she shouted to the teacher, “that’s mine!” But Jack said “I found it first.” The teacher told them to calm down and that the Teddy Bear was going in the time capsule.

The Teddy Bear was actually the teacher’s and neither Susan or Jack knew that. No one knew that it was a magical Teddy Bear. The Teddy Bear transported Susan and Jack to the year 2021. Everyone thought they had gone missing!