The Golden Bananas

Scoil An Droichid R7 

15th June 2021

Hamish the shapeshifting monkey went to the village to get food as a human and when he got home he couldn’t change back. He started panicking. All the other animals from the place where he’s living came and saw him and thought that he was a poacher. They ran away. Hamish felt lonely and felt like he’s not a very good friend to them.Sketch of a camel crying, with a boy talking to it.  The illustration for the story 'The Golden bananas' written by Scoil An Droichid R7

He bumped into Colin the camel who was caught in a trap then Hamish helped him get out of the trap. The trap had hurt Colin.

Colin said, “Please, don’t hurt me.”

Hamish said, “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. I’m actually a monkey but I’m a shapeshifter and now I’m stuck as a human!”

Colin knew when anyone was lying to him because he was a god. So he knew that Hamish really was a monkey.

Colin said, “Give me a second…” then he healed his own wounds.

Hamish was amazed by both the healing and trust in his words that the camel had shown. He said, “Wow!”...