The Ghost in World War I

22nd January 2021An Illustration for The Ghost in World War 1, written by Ballyclare High School, Year 9
Year 9, Ballyclare High School

Christine was walking home from school. Bombs were like firecrackers, raining from the sky.  She could see people running out of flaming houses, screaming. She was panicking and she sprinted, trying to get back to her house. The school children hadn’t had much warning because the sirens hadn’t gone off.

The noise still frightened her after all this time.

“I hate these flashbacks,” said Julianne.

“They torment me,” Christine whined. “These are strange. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern as to why they are happening.”

Christine kept having nightmares, she had been having them for a couple of months. A lorry had been driving along and a couple of boxes had toppled out of the back, Christine had stopped what she was doing and had a memory flashback, reminding her of gunshots…