Funkie's Best Friend

St Mary's on the Hill PS, P5
6th May 2021

There was a monkey called Funkie flying through the sky zooming as fast as he could looking for a candy-floss cloud. When he saw the candy-floss cloud, out of the side of his eye he saw a tiny baby dragon already eating it. He decided to bite the baby dragon on the bum! He had put a lot of effort into finding the cloud and it had already been eaten.  An illustration for Funkie's Best Friend written by St Mary's on the Hill Primary School, P5

The little blue dragon cried, 

“That hurt!” 

Funkie said, “It was supposed to hurt.”

Funkie stormed off and said, “Stop following me!” then the little blue dragon flew off. Funkie felt sorry and went looking for the little blue dragon to apologise, the little blue dragon looked young and hungry. 

Funkie eventually found the little blue dragon in Iceland, a land made of Ice.  Iceland was a sparkly, white and blue place. The sparkles were so bright they kept intruders from entering. When Funkie found the little blue dragon he was wandering around a beautiful street of ice-houses and rummaging through ice bins to find food...