Freddie, the Dragon, and Friends at the Singing Contest

Harmony Primary School P3

13th October 2021

Freddie the baby giraffe and Oscar the dragon have a conversation about the singing contest, and Freddie says happily, “You will win, obviously!”

Oscar is very nervous because it’s his first singing competition, he says to Freddie, “What if I don’t win? And you know I’m afraid of fire!” 

He is nervous that he won’t know what to say because he’s very shy. He’s nervous in case people laugh and make fun of him.

The competition is happening in the village beside the castle. His friends Freddie and Bob the dinosaur are also going to sing. There is going to be a friendly spider, but Oscar will be frightened of it. The competition is on Friday, and Freddie’s getting ready for it. Freddie and Oscar are going to sing Let’s Dance together!

It’s Friday now, the day of the competition. When Freddie and Oscar sing, fire comes out of Oscar’s mouth! Then the microphone goes on fire!!...