Football Donkey

University of Ulster People & Culture Digital Events WeekAn illustration for 'The Football Donkey' written by Ulster University People and Culture Digital Week

18th May 2021

“I don’t like it in here. It’s dark and smelly and I can still hear the muffled sound of the crowds,” said Jeff.

“Shut up! If you want to play football, you have to stay in there!” snapped Rose.

Jeff wondered how Rose had forgotten about his traumatic experience of being in a horse-box in the marketplace. Jeff had always been a timid donkey.

Rose wouldn’t normally have been rude to Jeff, but she hadn’t planned to take her coat off that day; maybe she shouldn’t have worn her Superman pyjamas.

Jeff peeked out from under the donkey jacket and saw the red and white Liverpool colours and that soothed his frazzled nerves…