Flying to the Rescue

Harding Memorial Integrated Primary School, GLSC 
23rd November 2023

It was the end of a good day, a fantastic day. Jumbo Bird was playing hide-and-seek with Cheese and Quackers in the grassy hills while Jumbo Bird was fetching broccoli for her wonderful children and friends. Cheese and Quackers was swimming on the water with their wings. They had spiky wings, and you could see the bones because they were very skinny.

Jumbo Bird couldn’t find her friend and she flew back to her house. She lived in a house on a street with other houses. Jumbo Bird felt worried and sad and upset.

Suddenly, it started snowing. When Jumbo Bird got into the house, she found a letter written in red ink.

You need to bring me broccoli to get your friend back…