The Fateful Radio Contest

New Lodge & Mount Collyer Youth Clubs
August 19th 2015

Shaniqua was downstairs in her flat on her oxboard. The radio upstairs was blasting really loud.

“This is Stephen Nolan on BBC Radio Two.  Just to say congratulations to the winner of the One Direction and Ed Sheeran Concert Competition, Shaniqua Nakamura!” the radio in Shaniqua’s bedroom blasted.

‘OMG! Is this real life?’ Shaniqua immediately screamed with excitement. She texted her friend Summer to meet her at the Starbucks in town in Belfast.

Shaniqua hopped on her oxboard and rode into town. As she went into Starbucks she spotted her friend Summer sitting down waiting on her.

‘Hiiiiiii,’ said Shaniqua.

‘Hiya,’ replied Summer.

‘I, like, won tickets to, like, One Direction and Ed Sheeran!’ said Shaniqua.

‘Who you bringing?’ asked Summer.

‘Not you, anyway!’ said Shaniqua.


‘Well if you’re not bringing me I’ll not be your friend no more!’ Summer shouted.


Everybody started to look round…