The Elemental Ninja

Botanic Primary School, P5
at the Seamus Heaney Centre with guest illustrator, Paul Howard

19th June 2024

There was an evil scientist trying to reign over the world with an evil musical cat.  There was an elemental girl who tried to save the world but the scientist was too powerful.  

The evil cat can put people to sleep with his lullabies. The element girl was the owner of all of the elements but the scientist was too strong and she got defeated.  

Neilson had already tried to defeat the evil scientist but the evil cat put him in a sleep spell.  Neilson wasn’t born with elemental powers but the scientist gave him his powers by accident.

The cat didn’t like following the scientist’s demands and decided to help Neilson.

“How can we defeat the scientist?!” said Neilson nervously.

“I can help you to defeat the scientist!”  replied the cat, “I know his fears.”


A deep faint voice came from the window.

“I heard what you were talking about and I can help…”