The Day They Won the Champions League

Glenwood Primary School
Thursday, October 24, 2019

The team was getting ready for a match. They were in their dressing room warming up to go out onto the pitch.

“Come on, we can win this,” said Colin in an excited voice.

The team got excited and the Kiwi Man appeared, but only Colin could see him!

The Kiwi Man had decided not to tell anyone his name, as it was a secret. He was green and strong and he had a costume that was edible, which had great powers for anyone that wanted more skills.

The Kiwi Man said, “If you eat my costume it will give you great football skills.”

Colin screamed in a high-pitched sound.

The team looked at him, while he had a puzzled face.

“Do you not see this man? How did he even get in here?”

The team thought he might need some help …