Clover’s Magnificent Birthday Surprise

St Peter's Primary School, P6
9th November 2021
A 100 Years Project workshop

One day Clover woke up and it was her birthday. She was in her granny’s house. Granny Sarah’s house was old and full of antiques, and granny was in the living room watching TV.

Granny Sarah was wearing a floral dress and pink slippers. She called Clover down for breakfast.
Granny shouted upstairs, “Happy Birthday! Come down for breakfast!"

Clover ran downstairs.

“How is it my birthday so quick?” Clover said.

Granny had a surprise breakfast for her. It was waffles and pancakes with chocolate spread over them! The postman came to the door when she was eating breakfast. He had a box for Clover. Clover opened up the box and found a teddy with a red ribbon.

“Wow! This teddy bear is amazing,” said Clover. The teddy could make sounds.

“Happy Birthday Clover!” said the teddy.

“I’ve never seen a talking bear before,” said Clover. She was very excited.

There was a rap at the door. Granny Sarah answered it. It was Jessica. She was on her own. She was wearing a dress with roses on it.

Jessica said, “Where is my mummy?”...