Cat Got Your Tongue

Volunteer Celebration attendees

15th June 221

Ding dong.

“Hi Esmeralda, you’re back already?” said Assumpta, pouring her flute of champagne into the nearest plant pot, and pulling off her cat mask.

Esmeralda was really edgy. She said nervously, fidgeting, as she held onto her bag of special mouse food and set down her suitcase.
“I said it would be Tuesday.”

“I thought it would be next week,” said Assumpta, whispering wildly into the next room full of drunk people wearing cat costumes, “I haven’t buried him yet!”

“I was missing my little mouse so much, I thought I’d have to come back and get it home again. I changed my flights to come home early,” said Esmeralda, her eyes wet with unshed tears, taking a step forward to enter the house.

“Did you really come home early from Greece because of a rodent?” said Assumpta in disgust, blocking the rest of the house from view, and trying to hide her tail at the same time.

There was an awkward silence.

Esmeralda was oblivious to the obvious tension. She stroked the bag of mouse nibbles fondly and gazed into the distance.

“People say I’m a little intense about these things. Bart means so much to me…. I knew he was in safe hands.”

Assumpta gulped, “How much did you have to pay to change your flight?”

Esmeralda said breezily, “I had a voucher from another trip.” She couldn’t smell the strong smell of catnip in the air.

“Did you not make the other trip because of Bart?” said Assumpta, trying to buy time.

Esmeralda had had enough of all this catty chat, “Do you have him?” she demanded, her eyes turning pink and whiskers shooting out of her face.

“Ah… I do have him, a form of him,” said Assumpta, looking round at her guests to see if anyone had any good ideas.

Esmeralda said, starting to get suspicious, “What do you mean a form of him?” as it finally dawned on her that things were not quite right.

Meanwhile in the garden someone was burying THE TRUTH...