The Book of Names

Dominican College Yr 8

17th June 2021

Frances only had one eye: one to spot her murders and a socket to hide her crimes. Her mother always told her to be careful of strangers as they could be dangerous: but this time she was the stranger. Two years ago before her best friend, May, died, they got into a big argument and she killed her. At first Frances felt bad, but they had unfinished business: her friend didn’t get credit or praise for the murders. May had a list of people she was going to kill and Frances was in that book. They both believed that they were a better killer, so they had to get each other out of the way.


Two years later...


“I can’t believe you put me in that book!” Frances hissed.


“This was a misunderstanding, hear me out.” May pleaded.Drawing of a book cover for The Book of Names by Dominican College year 8


Frances wouldn’t listen, she took her bag and went to school. Frances couldn’t stop thinking about what May said, so she used her teacher as her diary and spilled everything. The teacher, Barbara, was in disbelief because all the names of the teachers were in the book, except her name. Barbara was really annoyed that she was putting all this on her and making her responsible. The conversation was overheard by another teacher who went to look for the others.


One day later, all the teachers that were in the book disappeared...